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How To Find Your Perfect Customer

If you want to do well in business, you have to cater to the right customers.  How do you figure out who your perfect customer is?  There are a few methods here you can use to find and subsequently work with ONLY those that will be fully invested in your company.

First, you need to create a profile of your perfect customer (aka your avatar).  Think about their gender, age, where they are from, and every other detail you can possibly think of that will help you realize your avatar’s hopes, dreams, and fears.  The key is to identify all of the various demographics that you can leverage to develop your target market.  Once you have a clear picture of your avatar, you should interview several people who fit this character/make-up.

Marketing has become so much easier in today’s world through social media advertising (cough cough Facebook).  All you have to do is be willing to pay to acquire new customers (if done right, it’s more than worth it, I promise!).  Once you set up who you want to target in the ads platform, you’ll be able to attract potential customers to your website.  Utilize the avatars you’ve created to help figure out who to target and where to place your ads.  Then, you will not waste your time and money advertising to people that wouldn’t be interested in your business.  For example, it wouldn’t make much sense for you to market to teenagers when your product is for babies.

If you’re not willing to pay to acquire new customers, your only hope is to garner free traffic from Google.  This can be accomplished through Search Engine Optimization.  For this I would highly suggest hiring a firm to get you ranked for your target keywords, and one of the best new agencies we’ve heard only great things about is cliQthru Marketing SEO (they do work globally and already have offices throughout the Midwest).  This upfront investment can set you up to significantly grow your business with Google traffic and no effort on your part.

Having an updated, creative, and safe website is essential to converting visitors once they reach your website.  If you have an eCommerce business, your website needs to have sufficient security to field orders (you may need to hire someone if you don’t have any experience setting these ups).  In this day and age, websites are getting hacked all of the time, so you have to prepare for the worst when it comes to security.  Make sure you don’t store any sensitive or personally identifying information (PII) online unless it’s well encrypted because a security scare could severely damage your business or even worse, get you into legal trouble.

One of the most important aspects of online marketing and running ads is tracking and analyzing.  Make sure to watch over the analytics for your website and any marketing strategies you are using.  When running an ad campaign that targets your avatar, you need to be sure that it’s actually converting.  It is easy to notice an increase in traffic and sales if your campaigns are working.  If you don’t notice any changes after beginning your campaigns, it is best to make some adjustments with your target market or your ad copy, and then test again.  Make sure to remove or adjust ads that are not converting in order to save your precious marketing dollars.

Now that you know how to find your perfect customer, go out there and get them.  There is endless money to be made out there and it is especially easy to find on the internet.  It’s simply a matter of effort, doing the right things, testing your methods, and TAKING ACTION!

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